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Water Purification System











Water Purification System TKA

Water purification system TKA is Omnia pure and ultrapure water systems which is Convenient.Compact. Adaptable

For demanding applications in life sciences and labs,and as feed to analysers,autoclaves, glassware washers.

H2O pure. Pure and ultrapure water For QC, R & D and analytical labs in science, pharmaceutics and industries.

The Omnia series is extremely convenient to use. All devices are fitted with the Optifill one-hand dispenser with integrated control- and monitoring unit. One-handed operation, removable, can be swivelled and height-adjusted, and with a flexible connection for easy water dispensing into any type of container. All Omnia systems with storage reservoirs are equipped with unique non contacting level controller which almost eliminates contact of level sensor with water, thus preventing any re-contamination of pure water due to the material of construction of conventional float level sensor.