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Viscolead Advance










Viscolead Adavnce

Data displayed:
Selected speed                                                           r.p.m.
Selected spindle                                                         SP
Viscosity reading                                                       cP (mPa·s) or cSt
Percentage of full scale                                             %
Sample temperature                                                  ºC or ºF (Optional)
Shear Rate (with coaxial spindles)                          SR (s-1)
Shear Stress (with coaxial spindles)                        SS (N/m2)
Density (introduced by the user)                              g/cm3

Viscosity reading: dynamic viscosity

(cP or mPa·s) or kinematics viscosity (cSt).

Unit converter SI to CGS.

Program features:
Time to torque: target torque pre-setting device.
Time to stop: target time pre-setting device.
10 working memories.

AUTO-TEST with sound and visual malfunction alarm.

AUTO-RANGE function.
Temperature reading by PT100 (optional).
User-enabled viscosity and temperature (optional) calibration.
10 language options.
Interface: USB.
Datalogger Software: USB allows data transfer to a PC Excel format