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Stereo V8








A typical feature of stereo microscopes is their modular system design. Equipped with intelligent interfaces and fully integrated into the Carl Zeiss systems, SteREO Discovery.V8, with its comprehensive range of accessories, offers you a great deal of freedom in terms of organizing your workplace to suit your own practical needs.

1. Interface with digital
image worlds: documentation
SteREO Discovery.V 8 creates a connection for a variety of digital photo and video cameras, via various photo tubes, with interface 60N. For the simple documentation of stereo microscopic images, consumer cameras, with their good price/performance ratio, are often recommended. Anyone wishing to satisfy higher demands should use the high-resolution Axio Cammicroscope cameras and the Axio Vision imaging software from Carl Zeiss.

2. Brilliant fluorescence: PentaFluar S
Penta Fluar S is the name of the retrofittable fluorescence equipment for stereomicroscopes belonging to the SteREO Discovery family.With up to five different filter blocks in the magazine and special high performance light sources, this is an outstanding addition for contemporary fluorescence applications in

3. Better in position: the binocular
ergo-phototube S 5-45° Ergonomics is also about choosing a relaxed sitting position when operating a microscope. The viewing angle and height have to coincide. The ergotube allows a free choice of viewing angle between 5 and 45 degrees. Intermediate tubes and two working positions for the eyepiece clamps vary the viewing height.

4. Vertical 2D impression:

A must for documentation with subsequent image analysis, e.g. digital object measurements: the S/doc objective slide for the SteREO Discovery family of microscopes. Positioned directly beneath the zoom body, it enables the objective to be shifted precisely under one of the stereoscopic beam path for a vertical view of your specimen.