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SIPART PS2 is currently the most widely used positioner for linear and part-turn actuators in a wide range of process industries. This is not without reason. The proven all round design has a particularly flexible stroke range, intelligent diagnostics and different communication protocols. What has been proven so often is
certainly the correct choice.

Versions with external non-contacting travel sensor s.
High flexibility in the stroke range from 3 to 200mm (0.1 to 7.9 inch) (more on request).
Communication via PROFIBUS PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus or HART.
EExD explosion-proof version.
SIPART PS2 is available in Macrolon, aluminum and stainless steel casings.
SIPART PS2 prevents the closing of fittings during the solenoid valve test or monitors open/close fittings  as an “intelligent solenoid valve”.

 Extended online diagnostic
The following valve and actuator failures can be detected.
Friction and clogging of a valve.
Pneumatic leakage (e. g. tear inactuator membrane).
Growing deposits in a pipeline or tear of valve plug for continuous processes.
Wear and tear of valve seat or valve plug.
Deposits or in cru stations on valve seat or valve plug.
Stiction of stuffing box.
Partial Stroke Test” (PST) for open/close valves (e. g. safety valves, ESD) and control valves.