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stack-gas analysis systems have a smaller footprint, and use cross-flow modulated non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detection with a magnet-pneumatic detection method that is inherently drift-free. This series are superior continuous analysis systems that are perfect in the difficult field of exhaust gas measurement, where measurement errors cannot be tolerated. The series features a new intuitive touch panel that makes every operation available with the touch of a single button. This series systems are also designed for faster, more efficient maintenance. They are ideal for a variety of uses, including monitoring steam boiler, refuse incinerator, and electric power generation plant emissions to assure pollution standards are being met.


  • its  innovative optical technology enables ENDA-5000 series measure up to five components which can be arranged any combination.
  • The interference correcting sensor uses a unique interference filter to compensate for the influence of interference by other gases.
  • In addition to the alert functions available in the past, the ENDA-5000 series feature extra alert functions. A continuous checking process can prevent the unit from stopping due to a failure, reducing the risk of failed measurements and assuring consistent operation.
  • Corrections of SO2 measurements using wet base methods of the past took a great deal of time (about 15 minutes), but with the ENDA-5000 series’ dry base method, correction takes only three minutes.
  • Instantaneous output (NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, O2) O2 calculated output values (NO2, SO2, CO) Moving average values (for one to four hours)










Measurement methods





Magneto-pneumatic detection



200~5000 ppm

200~5000 ppm

200~5000 ppm

5~25 vol%

10~25 vol%


100 ppm~

50 ppm~

100 ppm~

Range Ratio

Within a factor of 10

Within a factor of 10

Within a factor of 10

Within a factor of 5

Within a factor of 2.5


Within 0.5% of full scale/week (with optional range, or during O2 measurement, ±1.0% of full scale/week)

Linearity (indicator error)

±1.0% of full scale

Zero drift

±1.0% of full scale/week (assuming surrounding temperature is maintained within 5 °C)
(with optional range, or O2 measurement, ±2.0% of full scale/week)

Span drift

±2.0% of full scale/week (assuming surrounding temperature is maintained within 5°)

Response time*3

Within 60 seconds (Td + T90 from equipment intake area) (sample flow 0.6 L/min.) (within 240 seconds for SO2 only)

Overall interference from co-existing gases

±2.0% of full scale (within standard range, with standard gas formation)


Touch panel LCD (backlight) (four usable lines)



-5 to 40 °C (away from direct sunlight and radiation heat )*4


85% or less (no condensation)


100 Hz, 0.3 m/s2or less


Standard environment or better

Measuring Gas Condition


250 °C or lower


0.1 g/Nm3 or less

Standard gas composition*5

NO: 500 ppm or less; NO2: 15 ppm or less; SO2: 1000 ppm or less; SO3: 50 ppm or less;
CO: 200 ppm or less; CO2: 15% volume or less; H2O: 20% volume or less

Sampling method

Dry sampling using an electric cooler

Sample gas flow

2.5 L/min~3.0 L/min

Sample inlet tube

Teflon tubing (Ø8/Ø6 mm)

Sample gas pressure

±4.9 kPa (three points selected)
(with no sample gas back pressure)

(1) -1.96 to 4.9 kPa
(2) ±3.43 kPa
(3) -4.9 to 1.96 kPa

Pressure control

Pressure control uses a regulator and pump; Reduced pressure sampling; Control pressure: -4.9 kPa


DC 4 to 20 mA (absolute output) (DC 0 to 16 mA/DC 0 to 1 V/DC 1 to 5V optional) Max. 12 output systems

External output

Analysis alerts, analysis warnings, range display, corrections, conservation, purging (option)
Contact capacity: DC 30 V 1 A, AC 250 V 1 A resistance load

Correction method

Dry correction, automatic correction (correction cycle: 7 days standard, can be adjusted to between 1 and 99 days), manual correction

Calibration gas

Zero gas

With measurement method authorization: N2, When there is no measurement method authorization: N2 or ambient air

O2 carrier gas

Ambient air

Span gas

Gas cylinder for each component measured (when there is no measurement method authorization: O2 or ambient air can be used)

Probe collection point filter

Flange: JIS 10K, 40 AFF; Sample probe tube length: 1000 mm; Material: SUS-316 stainless steel;
Filter element: SUS-304 stainless steel and 2um-pleated quartz wool; Electric heater: 100 VA, with water droplet proof case

Power supply

AC 100 V ±15 V(85 V~115 V)

Power frequency

50/60 Hz (switchable)

Power consumption

About 800 VA (heated piping 30m: +1100 VA; heater in tray: +300 VA)

Exterior dimensions/Mass

600 (W) x 1770 (H) x 300 (D) mm (high pressure gas cylinders, 3.4 L cylinders, maximum of 3 cylinders); About 180 kg (not including cylinders)
600 (W) x 1770 (H) x 300 (D) mm (high pressure gas cylinders, 3.4 L cylinders, maximum of 3 cylinders); About 200 kg (not including cylinders)

Materials in contract with sample gas

SUS-316 stainless steel, SUS-304 stainless steel, Teflon, polypropylene, polyethylene,
flourorubber, PVC, PVDF, and glass


Independent outdoor installation
Plate thickness: Main unit, doors, top plate, steel plate: 2.3 mm; Channel base: 3.2 mm; Doors: front opening; Interface: right front


Semi-gloss Munsell 5Y7/1 on all inner and outer surfaces