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Electromagnetic Flowmeters MAG5000, MAG8000 and MAG8000 with 3G/UMTS module











Modular pulsed DC meters

SITRANS F M DN 2 to DN 2000 (1/12” to 78”)

  • Full transmitter program MAG 5000/ MAG 6000/MAG 6000 I compact- or remote-mounted
  • Multiple I/O as standard and communication modules PROFIBUS PA/DP, DeviceNet FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART® and Modbus RTU are available
  • MAG 5100 W sensor designed for water and wastewater applications
  • MAG 3100 P designed for process industry and the harsh requirements in the chemical industry
  • MAG 3100/MAG 3100 HT sensor for general process industries
  • MAG 1100/1100 HT sensor for general process industries
  • MAG 1100 F [3] sensor for food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries

Battery-operated water meters MAG 8000 DN 25 to DN 1200 (1” to 48”)

  •  Battery-powered solution that makes it easier than ever to install a reliable water meter virtually anywhere
  • Battery lifetime up to 15 years*
  • IP68 (NEMA 6P) enclosure and sensor painting according to ISO 12944 class C4M corrosivity for burial and submerged applications
  • Easy installation without straight inlet/outlet
  • Rich add-on communication modules: Modbus RTU, Encoder card, 3G/UMTS module

MAG 8000 with 3G/UMTS module

  • Rich data transmission protocols supported by 3G module: SMS, secured e-mail and secured FTP
  • Remote Qualification Certificate built into the 3G module enables comprehensive device diagnostics and off-site audits
  • Configurable analog input for external ratiometric pressure transmitter in parallel with flow measurement (2-in-1 solution), or 4–20 mA alarm signal input for external tamper and flooding detector
  • MAG 8000 clock synchronization with Internet NTP server featuring adjustable time zone setting ensures that measurement data is always accurately time-stamped
  • Single SMS synchronizes the data transmission time for all MAG 8000 devices in field
  • Real-time SMS notification for MAG 8000 alarms