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Control-Automation Solutions

We offer following solutions in Process Instrumentation Control and Automation, Analytical & Water Quality parameter monitoring solutions for Water Management best suited for Water bodies, Irrigation, Corporations, WTP, STP, ETP, WWTPs etc

  • Water Treatment Plant Automation and control using PLC-SCADA including Raw Water and Treated water Process parameters and Quality monitoring.
  • Intake Well Automation using SCADA-PLC including pump control at source and process parameters monitoring. Option of remote monitoring.
  • Potable Water distribution monitoring for Flow and Reservoir/Overhead Tank Level control. SCADA at Central Control station with remote monitoring
  • Electromagnetic/Ultrasonic Flow-meters for Water Pipe, Canal flumes etc
  • Noncontact Ultrasonic Level Instruments for Water level monitoring in River, Dam etc
  • Built-in Battery operated Flow meter for remote locations where Power is not available.
  • Liquid Discharge/Effulent/Waste Water parameter monitoring for BOD/COD/TSS/PH with wireless data transmission
  • Instrumentation solutions in Level, Flow, Pressure, DP and quality parameters like PH, Conductivity, Turbidity, residual Chlorine, BOD, COD, TSS For   STP/ETP/WWTP
  • Noncontact Ultrasonic Flow monitoring in pipes for Water Audit and leakages.
  • Water quality Parameter monitoring lab instruments for testing of Various parameters