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Axioscope A1









Axio Scope is More functional in every component. More economical in every confi guration. Axio Scope is your microscope down to the last detail

1.  Flexibility
2. Transmitted-light Techniques
3. Fluorescence
4.  Fluorescence LED
5.  Objectives
6.  Imaging System
7.  Specimen Space
8.  Operating Comfort
9.  Axio Scope: System Overviews
10.  The New Functionality: All the Advantages

An unusual number of stand versions and interfaces results in unusual flexibility.
This means that you can configure your AxioScope whatever way is useful for you.
Functionally and economically.

Whether unstained cells, histologically dyed sections or bone samples: transmitted light
techniques continue to be the standard for many examinations in the clinical
area. The interfaces developed for the AxioScope are unique. This brings completely
new flexibility into routine microscopy.

Fluores Science is the name of the initiative reflecting Carl Zeiss’ focus on the development
of excellent fluorescence techniques. The latest developments of this
initiative reflect the growing importance of fluorescence as a routine method.
With outstanding quality, innovative solutions and its ability to be configured to meet
requirements down to the smallest detail, AxioScope sets quite new signals in its class

A technological development, available for the first time with AxioScope:
the integrated LED illumination for routine fluorescence applications. Now
you can have these extremely durable and economical light sources in both
transmitted-light and reflected-light.

Carl Zeiss stands for more than 150 years for microscope lenses that are
practically unrivalled. And this in all performance classes. Naturally highest
demands on optical performance were also placed on AxioScope.

Your Axio Scope Imaging System is more than the sum of microscope, software
and camera: a complete solution from a single source. Integrated fully into the
Carl Zeiss system approach. With security of one hundred percent compatibility –
also for future developments.