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The 3D Deconvolution module from Carl Zeiss. This innovative solution mathematically deconvolves the distorted structure by calculating the stray light back to the focal plane and assigning it to its planes of origin. The result is a top-quality image – with substantially less noise, better definition and higher resolution. And the 3D Deconvolution from Carl Zeiss offers you even more – a wide range of features that are advantageous to your everyday work

The advantages

To put it in a nutshell: Never before has deconvolution
been as easy, convenient and reliable as
it is with the new software from Carl Zeiss.

Easy and highly precise – Image acquisition in 6 dimensions
Retrievable any time – Automatically saved imaging parameters – from geometric scaling to the fluorescence wavelengths
Powerful and efficient – Advanced algorithms for higher resolution and enhanced images
Focused on the essentials – Define frames and calculate their deconvolution with the Region-of-Interest function
Time-saving and practical – Sequential calculation of all channels and points of time– all at once or individually
Perfect for comparison – Convenient switching between the original and the deconvolved
Accurate from edge to edge – Integrated method for artifact-free borders
Integrated throughout – The 3D Deconvolution module fits all Carl Zeiss software products –
AxioVision Digital Imaging as well as Confocal Microscopy