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Axio Scope A1 Pol









The Zeiss Axio Scope.A1 polarized light microscope provides flexible configurations with a six-position nose piece and the ability to upgrade options.


  • Flexible modular system can be tailored to meet requirements. Two different polarization microscopy units are available in combination with a choice of three different bases. Only invest in the components you need.
  • Expand the vertical sample space through the use of spacers.
  • Adapt your microscope to various techniques and contrast methods by exchanging reflector turrets and sliders.
  • Use the optional intermediate plate for analyzers and measuring analyzers.
  • The 6-position nose piece is equipped with M27 threads and as a result can accommodate the whole range of standard contrast techniques in transmitted and reflected light, as well as reflected light dark field applications. In addition to the five positions for HD objectives, the nose piece features one position to house a DIC slider for Differential Interference Contrast.