We, Sharp Control Equipments, are one of the fastest up-coming and most promising company in the field of instrumentation in Central India, With Head office in Nagpur and a branch office in Raipur with over 200 satisfied Customers in the region.

We provide single point solutions to various Industrial processes like Temperature, Level Flow, Pressure, Humidity monitoring and control using contact and Non-contact methods along with process control and recording facilities. We as well offer the tools and solutions for predictive and preventive plant maintenance using Thermal Imaging technology, Sound and Vibration monitoring etc.

We also help in keeping the Environment clean and earth green by providing Environmental monitoring systems including Flue Gas Stack emission monitoring, Gas detection systems, Water and Waste water monitoring instruments. We offer to QA/QC Depts. in industries and Research institutes the instruments required for Chemical, Physical and Metallurgical/Material science, Life Science/Biological Testing of various materials and also Microscopes for imaging the Microstructures.

Our support to customers includes installation and commissioning assistance, services support for maintaining the Equipments in future and providing the required spares consumables to keep the instruments always up.