• Data Logger PPL100

    D-rec is a compact data logger that supports single channel 4mA to 20 mA sensor application. its highly energy efficient design allows it to run up to 30 days in outdoor environment with IP65 prote

  • Flow Measurement

    The SITRANS F family of flow sensors, transmitters and metering systems comprises a wide variety of measurement technologies for maximum flexibility in installation.

  • Level Measurement

    The Siemens level portfolio includes contacting and non-contacting instrumentation for safe and cost-efficient continuous and point level measurement.

  • Positioners

    Positioners from Siemens have been guaranteeing safe and trouble free operation around the globe for more than 15 years. They accurately control every valve type and process, while handling special

  • Pressure Measurement

    SITRANS P pressure transmitters offer maximum precision, ruggedness and ease of use complemented by comprehensive safety and self-diagnostic features.

  • pulse counter and transmitter

    P-Count gives real-time pulse per minute output for the sensor like MSP12, MSP3 or MMR etc. This can be used to control and set conditions for controller module & it also gives output for exter

  • Temperature Measurement

    SITRANS T temperature sensors, transmitters and complete multipoint measuring systems are intrinsically safe and connect to a broad range of signal sources.

  • Weighing & Batching System

    Weighing and batching systems play an important role in all sectors of production and process engineering. The SIWAREX load cells and electronic modules for weighing systems together with Milltroni