• Compound Microscope

    Compound microscope are robust, easy to operate, equipped with
    good optics and, above all, reasonably priced: the
    demands placed on educational microscopes are very

  • Inverted Microscope

    The Zeiss inverted microscope has brought the cellular world to life, thanks to three well-known units in the Zeiss microscope family. The Primo Vert, the Axiovert 40, and the Axio Observer are thr

  • Metallurgical Microscope

    metallurgical microscope sets new standards in the microscopy of materials.
    Benefit from an unrivalled price-performance ratio while achieving
    brilliant image quality based on Carl Zeis

  • Polarizing Microscope

    Zeiss polarizing microscopes are available with coded or motorized components to deliver precise and reproducible results. Manual polarizing microscopes are available in modular systems that can be

  • Sharp Control Microscope

    Sharp Control Equipments Pvt. Ltd. a company have come up with our Own Brand for Biological Upright Laboratory and Research Microscope, which is available in Binocular & Trinocular models with

  • Stereo Zoom Microscope

    stereo zoom microscopes generate three-dimensional and laterally precise images for your microscope applications. These microscopes provide large object fields and allow extended working distances.